Friday, January 19, 2007

North by East

I like that girl from Washington state. I have liked her since I first saw here in that fat racist douche bag
of a professor's class. For my first Fall semester at school she was
the only reason I woke up and walked the 50 feet from my bedroom to the
little white, rat infested shack.
In the Spring we had another class together. I usually walked with her to class unless I had skipped douche bags class to go long boarding. It was hard not to walk with her and those spectacular legs. Sie ist sehr sportlich.
Fall we found the time to sit and have coffee about once a week and
talk about what we had been up to and what we were planning on doing in
the upcoming weeks or something to do with school. Family. Roommates.
Fashion. News. Relationships. Parties.
And this Spring, if you can call it that yet because it is still winter, We live less than a mile apart.

is ... great. and I am glad that we met. I think she shall be my friend
for a very long time. I would like her to model for me.

So I had a good time drinking coffee with the girl of the coffee capital of the west coast.

Some times I wish I could have lived during the Hellenistic Period.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Film sehen

Harry Potter and the Children of Men. that should be the title of the 7th book. and Cuarón should direct it.

Alfonso Cuarón is amazing. The way he directs flows, people are constantly in acting mode, the camera is always moving.

And without knowing it I have watched 4 of his films in a week, all inadvertly.

Y tu mama tabien
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of azkaban
Great Expectations
Children of Men.

Clive Owen did a great job. those brits know what they are doing. he was great in Closer.

I love watching movies that are about photography or ones that use the photography (not just the screen play) to make the film.
and the same goes for music. songs that deal with photography. or physics of light and lenses.

Ich bin fleißig

Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Mathematical Fraction : I am the Numerator.

The 2007 Spring school year has begun. Everything is new and exciting again. The best part is my phone is ringing constantly with people that are usually out of state during the break and want to get together and do whatever. I am doing Photography now and spend quite a bit of my day in the Art and Architecture Center (aac) .
This semester I am taking
  • Art 3750 Photo studies II
  • ArtH 2500 Art History (western art)
  • German 1020
  • Math 1090 Business/Economics math
I hope to get above a 3.5 this semester. It doesn't look like it will take an excess amount of work to do so. and if I do get a 3.5 it would take my accumulative GPA to above a 3.0 which i have never had.
So school is great.
I am now part if the "851 crew" a elite group of people that live in a apartment known as the 851 Rivera. I am 1.5 miles away from school. finally. No more WeJo and 45min Trax rides.
This is going to do so much for my health, wallet, time, and creativity.

I ran into a schoolmate from high school. He was Bane if I was Batman, Newman if I was Seinfeld. But I haven't seen him in almost 3 years. I still know his face I still know his eyebrows and facial features. We weren't enemies that fought with muscle or gadgets. It was an art thing. It was almost a School Spirit thing. I didn't feel he belonged. he was an outsider. He came from a more prestigious background. I knew he had talent but I didn't like how all his works were bland and when I would look across the room I would get angry. I pledged to do better that him.
But when I saw him this time I felt as if i had already achieved that. Now we are on an even playing field and I consider him a friend for the most part. It could be that I directed all the "I am going to better than you" toward someone that sank the ship called Friend before it could leave the dock. which is a sad event seeing as we would have made great things together. but she is childish and selfish.

I can tell that my goals in life seem to be right on target. I throw better when I am challenged or doubted. There is more satisfaction in showing someone they were wrong when they doubt anyone. I have said it before: "If you doubt me, challenge me, or look down upon me, I will do everything in my power to prove you wrong." I am a very confident young man. I have been proving peoples misconceptions wrong for the last 20 years. Look at what I have done for myself in the last 5 years.

Don't change that channel. We will be right back with your regularly scheduled blog right after these commercials.

And you and I both know. I might be wrong. BUT you have to be able to express that feeling, thought, emotion, worry etc... to me. I am a very straight forward person. I am not the best at reading emotions ask the Kelsey's. In one week I ruined (almost completely) 3 peoples freshman year because I wasn't getting feedback and I didn't care to read emotions.

Kelsey King did the best thing for me by just telling me how she felt. Truthfully. no matter how bad it hurt. and it did nothing but help who I am and who we were.

She changed me in 5 mins. Made me a better person.
But I am not going to deal with people that are of adult age and still act as children.

Rant RANT rant