Sunday, December 16, 2007

Pen + Paper

more archival, less publicized. It is better to use it during the cold time of year, and it helps me organize thoughts a bit more.

but paper trails... are easier to follow

Monday, December 03, 2007

Another Year With Out You

Happy 21st man! I wish you could be here for it. We all miss you.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

An Empty House For Me To Keep Warm.

Around this time of year my father like to run of to Europe and he asks me to sit his house and precious dog Maurice. I also like that I sit for his friends also. It is nice having a house to my self for a month or longer and it is great because of how it cleans out all of my thoughts over the break and everything seems new when i go back to school.
Cheers to that!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

The Greatest

Cat Power and Band Of Horses have been getting me through the long nights and mornings of this final photo project and a repeat of the medium format shots. I have been 2D-ing and 3D-ing at night in the AAC on campus. Also the chair we bought for the studio is getting me through the tought times between shoots and in need of powernap moments.
i have also been shooting my projects from 3D in the studio so i have a good record of what i have done.

this has been one of the greatest but hardest semesters i have had and finals are here for one more week...

god help me.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


As a consumer of music since the age of 11 i have always wanted to go to the Urban Lounge, a 21 and up bar and venue. November 15 2007 I was finally legal to go in and have a beer and rock out to music.
It was a good night too. the Soundtrack Scene, Old Time Relijun, Fog, and Vile Blue Shades. many of my friends were there from around the music scene.
i cant wait until this Saturday when Bronco, Band Of Annuals, and Dead Horse Point play.

now all i am waiting for is senior discounts.

Friday, November 16, 2007


I shot Chris Vincent and Brandon Bailey in the studio last week. Vincent and Bailey's newest project is Shape. this musical group is a new way of playing music for the duo. The last project When Frequencies Collapse was a new look at rock in the way of experimental post-hardcore. WFC took the stage and local fans had their breath taken away by the amazing music coming from the speakers. In WFC Vincent exclusively did vocals and Bailey on percussion. Tadd Fotheringham on bass and Tanner Furness on guitar. Tadd and Tanner both used a load of pedal switches.

Shape is a new sound for Vincent and Bailey, a more mellow sound that is more approachable by new music listeners, and hopefully more successful as a long term group

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Bottom of the Third

I have my schedule for the next season of Uni. I am not taking a class where i take pictures but i still plan to.

ART 2350 3D
T,H 09:10-12:05 SNAPP
(who i plan on calling Professer Snape at least once if not the whole year)
ART 2250 2D
T,H 12:25-15:20 OHARA 4.0
ARTH 3600 Hist. of Photo
T,H 18:00-19:30 MAROTTA
GERMAN 3050 Lit & Cult
M,W 11:50-13:10 KUBIESSA

My work schedule is already planned and i am going to be hella busy all the time.
but thats how i like Uni


Happy 16th birthday Morgan Elizabeth Baird. in 5 years you should be where I am now. so we all hope.

Monday, November 05, 2007


Why do I even look in the fridge... it only has condiments, empty bottles and film in it. I get paid around my birthday, then it shall get filled with full bottles and Tofurky products.


I like to be tired from work and not to be tired of work. those are the kind of jobs i leave happy.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Unusual Appliance

I will be the first appliance in the oval office as president.

Saturday, November 03, 2007

Friends Pitched Against Friends

There is a point in time to tell someone they should do the dishes, and unless you do coke or other drugs that keep you up cleaning all night, 3 am is not the best time to tell someone that they have dishes to do.
I hate getting pulled out of bed because someone took the dishes too far to some one that was drunk.
Next time this happens i will fucking clock you both and go to sleep.
Higs: learn to quit pushing the limit of conversations, people want to punch you sometimes.
Gill: You were drunk but clear minded. but you are too calm for the situation and that was seen as a form of disrespect. you shouldn't have punched him.
I hope the best for you two. you have been friends since 5th grade, and what are dishes amongst friends... seriously

Ryan: I hope you got some sleep. thanks for coming to get me, it was a good idea to grab someone that has know say in the friendship who has insight. i am sorry i had to go seeing i had work in the morning.

fucking hell people do your dishes and dirty laundry at a better time than 3 am after a night of drinking. cops hate to deal with this shit just as much as i do.

Friday, November 02, 2007

Lebensmittel Verkäufer

Ich habe eines neues Job. Ich arbeitet als Verkäufer.

I am a grocer at Wild Oats Market

or as it is now know as Whole Foods Market.

WFM bought WOM

Monday, October 29, 2007


This is one of Jeff's big dreams is to interview the musicians that he loves. so we had Chris Corner in the KUTE studio.

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Simple Epitaph

I learn fast how to keep my head up. after seven months of amazing times things fell short but fast. single again jobless again and still short on cash to live. I roam the city in search for a job and for something to do.
in light of all that i found a job and decided that the time that i have free needs to be put into Uni and not sulking or sleeping.
the winter is coming and making the mornings cold and the midday hot and the night come earlier.
sun rise, sun set. all thing that begin have an end. east is life, west is death. what goes up must come down.

so i quit climbing trees because i fell out too often.
the winter will keep me in doors with books and blankets and artificial light and cold air. and a memory of warm light on a winters day.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Multimedia; Transfers

Word and images are reversed when you look into a mirror, the same goes for chemical transfers. Knowing that these reversals exist you have to plan for words, if they are to be read in the right direction, and for images, if direction is important to image or piece, and arrange all to work together. another way to get things back to the original orientation you could use another mirror.
I consider myself and many of my colleges Narcissists. each image is reversed based on the idea of a mirror or narcissism in one picture the text is the correct orientation because it was taken of a mirror. the three narcissist text are reversed to be read in a mirror, since the use of two mirrors puts things back to the original orientation, or in this case a transfer and a mirror.
All images face in from the outside or face forward. the female nudes are based on my mindset on how nudity is just a form of expression. the male nudes are an embodiment of those pictured. and the reversed text of Pluto and bag bang you're dead are a reflection on the death of a planet. all other images were purely used for color

Problem 10; Final! Tention & Planes in Space

using planes, lines & tension, design and construct a hanging, lightweight volumetric sculpture.
-at least three feet in one direction, piece must be hanging for critique.
5/10 pts

Problem 9; Bread

What a great way to bring in the Thanksgiving holiday than to make food, or sculptures out of food at least.
we are to make scuptures out of bread that are thanksgiving themed. two pieces
I am hoping to get in cahoots with Vosen's Bread Paradise because they are German and they are a bakerei.
My plans are to make a giant turkey and carve it and a bowl of stuffing (haha.)

AHH Foiled again! I have been working so much for the last 3 weeks and all my free time went to work. in the end i got shorted a week so i didnt have enough money or time to go to vosens. I called my grandmother and found a good bread that didnt need eggs or milk and i got started on my project. the first piece was a ugly ruined turkey. the second piece turn out to be intestines.
pendell was confused by both and said the turkey looked vaginal and the intestine a folic symbol. he made them fuck

i got 6/10 pts on this one night stand.

Problem 8; Totem Pole

Out of a low fire clay make five representational pieces that will later be glued into a personal totem pole. using important aspects of my personality , life/ philosophy and to be displayed on a supportive base
green ware is to be fired and then decorated. paint and assemble.
the five things i made:
1. Beehive (for Utah, the bee hive state)
2. Boulder (I boulder on weekends and in free time, mostly on granite)
3. Book (I am a cultured man, german cultured that is)
4. Broken Cage (I am a vegan)
5. SLR camera
Base: Wood in the shape of Utah

First time around in a kiln for a while and i guess 2 of my pieces were not built to par. the base of the beehive exploded as well as the first camera. I think there was air inside the slabs of clay.
I made a second camera.

7/10 pts

Problem 7; Artist Mask

I think i might have taken the concept a bit over the top for this problem. the term artist mask , i feel, should exploit the artist for their skills and talents. we could use any material we wanted, it just has to exploit the power and potential of its form. it should be able to stand on its own visually.

I had all these ideas on what kind of mask to make or what material to use. but in the end it came down to that i didn't have any money and couldn't buy material.

when i finally came around and bought some material i bought some old leather scraps and a few conchos and some suede string. the material i was using was not something i would do normally. like a confusion of self, i feel the mask were the same thing and confusion of self.

but time not permitting i fail at a full facial covering that made me look like a sex fiend and i made a lone ranger mask instead.

it looked nice but was not enough for a month of work.
5 /10 pts

Problem 6; Low Relief

There is a lot I could do with pins and black foam core when creating a low relief that is stimulating in 2D and 3D, but I didn't like the idea of patterns and lines, I am also tired of non-representative work.
What I did like is the idea of depth and intensity of light by clusters pins at certain heights and groupings.

I used the base from problem 2 (to save money and time) and removed the top of the last piece and placed it on the base of problem 5 (which are both hanging on my wall) and created a new, cleaner looking, smooth, leathereque and riveted with pins around the seams.
On top I decided to investigate star clusters. (I listen to Star Date most nights) i used Star Cluster R136 and then began on working.

Visually I did what i wanted. but from the sides (at eye level) it looks dull.

now for critique.

it did well in critique but many of the pieces were more elaborate. the base recieved more attention than the star cluster.
7 / 10 pts

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Sit Down, Sit Down, Sit Down, You're Rocking The Boat!

It is also rare to get time, with school and work and being social, to sit and watch a movie. Tonight we sat, after baking a delicious Vegan Chocolate Cake, to some Perry Mason and the 1955 classic musical "Guys and Dolls"

Luck be a lady tonight.

Guy and Doll

After a long day of creating art, Angela and I stop and take a picture of us together, which is rare (even though we both do photography).
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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Public v. Private + 3200iso

In these four pictures I show that people ignore whether it is a public or private space. the situations are the same in either. the situation is emotion.
set one. Ally + Jose "close"

Set two. Kimberlie + Austin "distant"

I also shot some 3200 speed film and this is one of my favorites of the roll.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Riding a Bicycle

The ride is a big part of my life. It keeps me fit and mobile.
The child below me does not have the same connection i have with my bike. he is too young.

I don't remember a time where i didn't have my equilibrium and could ride a bike without falling down. He doesn't seem to know how to stay up yet.

This morning i watched him fall 10 ft away from where his mother started him.

I wish i was him... I wish every thing was new.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grove + Main

Today is another one of those days where nothing is going on. I need to find a new job and get paid more or find one in a closer location.

Chris Vincent and I went to the Grove Street Market and each ordered a sandwich. and as always i finished my whole sandwich before he finished half.

some day he will defeat it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Problem 5; Serial Planes

Points determine a Line. Lines determine a Plane. Planes determine a Volume.

Create a freestanding volumetric, abstract form from one set of serial planes made of white foam board. Use repetition or gradation and attach to a black foam base.

We got to grade our class by placing the best pieces on one side and the not so good ones on the other. Because of the last grades, which were not explained why we got what we did ( a few didn't meet criteria, but they were good works of art.), the class got into a debate about what should be best and which were bad. I didn't touch many peices until the end. sorting out the bad from the better.

some one had placed mine in the front.
I felt glad because i had lost the tip of my finger to this assignment.

Post Script:
It is too dense.
10 / 10 PTS (finally)
gold star


The rain does two things to me.
1. Makes me wet but happy
2. Makes my ceiling leak and make my wall create weird forms from the water getting behind the paint.

I have something that looks like a vagina in the corner of my room. also i have a sack of water in my wall which looks like a scrotum.

My wall is confused sexually.

and i just need the roof to be fixed so i don't have to sleep in puddles of confused wall sexuallity

Problem 4; Texture-Form Dichotomy Noun
1. A separation into two divisions that differ widely from, or contradict each other.

Create a work whose visual strength is it's dichotomy of form to surface, through changing of an objects texture by the addition or gluing of repetitive elements in the making of a new and different texture.

And this is how I did it.

Step One: Collect texture. I wanted to use hair so i went to a hair salon and collected two large samples of hair. one old man (grays) and one young woman's(dark brown/black)

Step Two: Collect object. I decided on fruit because the only fruit i know that has hair is a peach. so i didn't get a peach i got the fruit that had bald skin. Orange, Pear, Apple.

Step Three: Apply Texture to Object. I used and adhesive spray. I sprayed the fruit and then rolled it in a bag full of collect human hair.

Step Four: Present to class.

Post Script:
Fruit doesn't like to stay fresh, even more so when it is covered in hair.
9/10 pts

The class seemed not to agree with the grading of many projects which made the next critique odd.

Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ich habe nicht Geschlechtsverkehrgemacht mit A.E, aber es ist ok. wir haben Geschlechtsverkehr von Kunst und Fotographie. Im Kopf

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Problem 3; Pop-Up Card

Exploiting a simple mechanical engine... going from 2D - 3D
In a card that folds into a 6x8.5" envelope with the ability to open to a strong 3D presence (although concept and color are important).

Envelope Front

Envelope Back

Card Front

Card Innards

Postscript In Crooked Lines:
I was told that it was too linear. but nothing was said about how well it worked.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Homage Photos

the first assignment in Photo this year was homage to other images (oil paintings, photographs, sculptures, styles...etc). This pointed out that I do NOT know anything about the history of photography... but does that really matter so early in the program or am I not one of the students because I don't have a favorite influential photographer.
I have a very contemporary look at photography and most of that comes from music. Record LP / CD art is what got me interested in photography anyway. I could name so many bands and artworks or artist that did artwork or that are currently touring with bands and taking pictures and making movies and what not. but that doesn't matter for this assignment.

So, I did my homage to an oil painting by Edvard Munch "Madonna" and a sculpture by Antonio Canova "Cupid & Psyche".

Kim was my Madonna. Austin and Ambrosia were my Cupid and Psyche. They did an amazing job in the studio with me. This was my first time working with nudes and I felt much better not being on the other side of the lens. (once I had posed nude for another photographer and I was more worried about how the composition of the image than that my genitalia were just hanging out with the girls in the studio.)

Problem 2; Repetition / Modular Forms

I never like to do art projects last minute but sometimes the night before a class is the only time you have free.
I still put a lot of pre-planning into the piece I have several graphite drawings and many dry erase/ mirror drawings the answer to problem 2.

At least 5 forms that are modular or repetitious, independent or combined to create one new whole shape. place on a 9x9x2 base of black mat foam core in proportion with the base. Bristol board forms made with good craftsmanship. the form(s) needed to be freestanding and any structural supports hidden.

I used repetition of rectangles. they were all 3/4" thick and were all measured in inches.
7x3x.75 Vertical
4x2x.75 Vertical
3x4x.75 Horizontal
1.5x5x.75 Horizontal
3x5x.75 Diagonal (technically it was a triangle but implied it was in the base.)

In critiques, no one really said anything about it.


The struggle is the best part of being an artist. Always creating.
I am proud to struggle. The struggle says, "I challenge you to a duel!" and I answer back "I demand satisfaction", then the track Genesis by JUSTICE starts playing and I bust out a X-Acto knife and a #11 blade or a 35mm camera with 50mm lens or a eraser and some charcoal pencils. The duel begins and the struggle is that creative process that I do on a pad or my mirror or in the darkroom as I create and recreate until the piece is finished.

That struggle is applied to everything I do. If I could just coast through life I don't think that I would appreciate anything.

Struggle Harder / Keep Positive

Believe / Revolt

Monday, September 10, 2007


University is uphill. Many people use UTA Trax because they don't want to climb the hill. but why wait for transportation when you have wheel and a complex machine that makes work easy.

they bike because they don't want to walk, it is time consuming. they use Trax because they are lazy. they don't walk because they are lazy.

I think the climb is the best part.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


This week I bought a Giant OCR1. I like the shifting components and how it rides. I only complain about the roads in Salt Lake City (especially on the North/West side) and how uneven they are and the glass/Goat's head or Bullhead (Zygophyllaceae, Caltrop family) and anything else that punctures my tires.
In 3 days i have changed my tires twice.
I feel great about biking around the city. I wish more people did it.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Problem 1; + / - space

I am taking 3D / 2D this year.
In 3D we are working on spacial conception. the first image is something we fooled around with in class that I liked and took home to scan. The second is the first problem of the semester. Even though they are both for 3D they are technically 2D for this bit.

These are presented on 9x9 flat black foam core with white Bristol board and rubber cement.

Img 1 : I took out the shape lines of the four organic shapes and played with it in photo shop to make it more b/w. The outline was the class problem. Minimalist shape. drop a few more shapes on it and reorganize it to a new shape. glue. present.

Img 2 : I had to create a positive / negative space that was provocative using triangle(s), square(s) or rectangle(s), circle(s). at least one of each / no max limit of any one shape. I sat for hours drawing and erasing on my mirror with a dry-erase marker. one week later I created it and it is just how I imagined it to be, and more. It looks good at any angle which i had not planned because I could not turn my closet mirror. After being scanned I recolored the black and the original canvas size. I will turn it in at 9 am and critiques shall follow. I can't wait to see what people have done.

In critiques only one student had a comment to make about my piece, he said, "It is very simple... but I don't know if thats a bad thing.."

I guess hearing anything is better than nothing...