Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rocky Balboa

I had a hard time not jumping up because I was so excited during the movie. I fell in love with the name Punchy.
If I didn't make it home before midnight, I would turn into a pumpkin.
Luckily I made it back in time.

The fight scenes in the movie were great. Times have changed so much since the first Rocky. It was great.
But why is he always fighting the black man.

I decided that I would ruin movies like Balboa if I was in charge of it. I would have had him punch a few characters but it would have been a - pause- awkward- PUNCH- like those quick things that family guy does.

Laura Rowlett said that she has been waiting for a movie about black men in speedo's. "Pride" looks really good.

I am sitting at the Coffee Garden @ 9th & 9th.
and this is what a group of artist next to me are saying:
"[pinholecameras] 30 pictures with no content.... I would rather look at pictures of your naked girlfriend... which there seems to be less of..."

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