Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nikon D50 an Update

I borrowed the schools Nikon D50 because I, do not have a Digital camera.

The reason I borrowed it was for a shoot I am doing with Utah Rhythm and Dance. URAD wants new pictures for their website and last year I had shot some pictures for the Daily Utah Chronicle.

This will be my first paid shoot since i quit going to the UDC, I left because shooting for the paper is not my favorite way to go take pictures. I like to experiment with digital and you cant really do that on a timely news worthy picture.

so I found the slow shutter speed setting because the pictures are different. and here is what we have done.

Thayne (left)[image 1] said he would pay me to do a shoot with our friend Nora, who I have always though would be fun to do a series of photos, but that shall wait til January.

PS. Chase Wilxcore and S.Chris Vincent went to see "Fur : an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus" and it was quite a good film. Her pictures were introduced to me from my friend and colleague Ashley Hutchins. She and are going to be the photographers for Chad V Bailey and Jonna McNeil's Wedding in February

Have a good look. tell me what you think

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Ambrosia said...

I REALLY like the one of you and Chase in the fridge, and the two pictures of you in the mirror.. that's freakin crazy, but good manipulation of objects yo...

P.S. I hope you don't mind I'm reading your blog... I'm on the internet way more than I should be.