Monday, December 04, 2006

I tried to make a college student out of you...

I can't even tell you how happy I am right now. Three days and counting. Then my third semester of school will be finished. This has been the best semester so far.

I am closer to what I want to do and I am almost completely done with my general.

I am (at the moment) a pre art major. But I am going to be a Photography major, i just have to work though this first year studio. The studio year is a Pre-Req but i made it around it at the moment. I am taking Photo studio II, Art History, and German 1020. And if every thing works out I will be going to Kiel, Germany for a while in the summer.

During the Christmas break I will be house sitting for my father and step-mother (but I hate the word step) while they go visit her unhealthy father in the Czech Republic.

I also found a cheap place at the 851 Riviera. More or less all of my friends have lived her at one point.

I have also met a new girl. I know it seems like I say this every week. (or every day if you are around me enough) But I think that she might be interested in me, most of the girls this semester seemed to have other things on their mind.

It is 19 degrees outside and I don't think it is going to get over 30 today.

Oh... and for Christmas I want every camera off of lomography.
I wish

I read Bukowski's Factotum and gave it to Steve to read. He is liking it. Austin is having a kid in a month. Holy shit, and Steve split with Allison so I don't know how much I will see K-ris. Joey finished the color in his tat. it looks great. and yesterday was Mike Wallace's 20th Birthday one he never saw.

lets end on a good note. I have a new long board that i am going to be working on over the break it was my biggest birthday gift. and it is going to be great to ride. it is 4.5 feet or so.

And I am drawing my tattoo idea. so once I leave the country or when I cant donate blood for a while I will get them

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