Monday, December 18, 2006

Freeway Spinout

Chase Wilker and I were driving down I-15 on Sunday afternoon at about 5:30 and the roads were OK and the snow was still falling. We were in the car pool lane for about 5 minutes from 90th south and three car that were in front of us were going about 20 miles per hour. and this is how the story goes.
"Chase just pass those fuckers, why the hell are they going so slow? The roads aren't that bad."
"OK" says Chase
Chase speeds up exits the HOV (carpool) Lane and we hear this noise.
"Chase what the hell is that noise!?"
"I don't know" He looks at his dashboard and sees that we are red lining. "Fuck"
Then the car starts fish tailing
"Fucking hell!" said Chase " There go the adventures of Colin and Chase"
We start spinning across traffic toward the out side retaining wall
"Well I guess the roads are that bad" I said
"This is going to be bad."
"No its not"
We crash into the retaining wall now facing oncoming traffic
"see we are fine"
Luckily there was a ton of snow on the wall or we would have destroyed chases side of the car.

we sat there for a bit

"OK chase just put it in park and lets sit here a while."
"hahaha" We laughed a bit.

Then we turned the car around on the freeway and drove the rest of the way to Salt Lake.

"I just wish we could have kept spinning forever" I said
"Yeah all the way to Ben's and up the hill."

But we are safe. And we are so better than Tokyo Drift

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Ambrosia Star said...

haha that was pretty awesome. i'm glad you guys are okay... :)