Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Late night with Colin Roe Ledbetter

I bought a sacred heart Jesus candle the other day because I needed a long candle in the house to provide the essential candle light for candle light purposes.

I guess I have been on this folk music kick for a while now. I can't stop listening to the Magnolia Elec. Co album What Comes After The Blues.

For Christmas this year I am House sitting for my Cordell & Lenka. Maurice is my companion. He is a black lab. We go on adventures down the street and kick the tennis ball around. He listens very well. he will stop at corners and wait until you say to go. He never takes his eyes of the ball, or any other chewy toy, or object that can be thrown.

Colby Seegmiller spent most of his week with me. It has been a long time since that boy and I spent good time together. I think he has found a girl.

That conversation of the digital commercial photographers that I decided to join last week really threw off my thought on how people felt about digital.

I think people rush things to much. This "high-speed" always connected life is really throwing off the balance of my life. Just like if you spin to much. I am about to tip over.

PS. Fuck everyone who sends text messages to me on Christmas. I have to pay that bill. Send me a card or something real. I am not going to keep your digital file on my phone like i would keep a fibrous paper with ink and love.

If I could I would send you a punch-in-the-jaw through the phone. Predictive text that.

This is the time of year where I think about all the people that have come into my life in the last year. and those that are repeat offenders of my friendship. All of the girls I seem to fall in love with and then just fall out. Strangers from out of state, or people that are local when I am out of state. Random people that emotionally connect with me by a head not or a paused look where our eyes connect. People from college that I feel a bond to, some form of a connection. The musicians that are my friends. I believe that the majority of these people are part of something big.

I cant explain it. but i love you all.

He was stressed. He is like my twin.

I was his lunchtime muse

Life in a Glass House... shattered

Alright so i decided to take all of my words that i typed this summer and move it all here.

Here is a close to perfect summer concert run down. i quit keeping track after a while.

It is small but it is HUGE

Kilby Court: June 15, 2006
THE SOUND THE HARE HEARD TOUR Southerly, Thao Nguyen & Simone White
with Glade Soward

Colby Jon Seegmiller and I enjoyed this show. We always seem to find someone cool to talk to at these Kilby shows. Brinton Jones and Jake Fish of Palomino who I have known for about a year and are people I look up to because of their tastes in music and what they do for the local scene.
All the bands that played are on the Kill Rock Stars The Sound The Hare Heard comp. (not including Glade)
Kilby Court is a very small venue (Concidering it is a garage-gone-concert venue), But it is a "huge" venue in the sense that bands that were once small and then grew to be large (i.e. Death Cab For Cutie) and then other bands that are local become huge local because of Kilby Court.

June 11

Kilby Court Man Man, Dane & the Death Machine
I commuted down to Kilby Court by way of UTA's Trax, and longboarded the last few blocks between station and venue. Dane, Wesley and Katie had mentioned that there was a show that i should got to so I did.
Dane & the Death Machine (DDM) are amazing. and they are even better live and as a full band. I am glad that they are my friends.
Between sets I walked around the fire pit in the kilby yard and went to talk to Lenny, he is a photographer (as well as I) for the Daily Utah Chronicle, and he formentioned the touring band MAN MAN, so I stayed for what I call the birth of a revolution.
Man Man are a "Philly" local band, and they play a orchestra of instruments by five guys that seem to have put together masterpeices of music.
They have started a revolution in my head.

What is small is not always small. Kilby was once, but it isn't currently. The same thing can happen to these bands like so many others and so many more to come.
Colin Roe Ledbetter

Rogue Wave

Kilby Court is great. So one part is a garage gone venue with a little fire area outside and a separate room just for merch. I remember once that the separate building that has the restrooms and Leia Bell's printing studio was used for a venue area also : the art room.
Rogue Wave is the only band that I have seen that used the fire area for a small acoustic encore and birthday serenade. It really made the night for me. I love seeing new things at old hang outs.
I love July at kilby because of all the good shows and the nice weather along with the good company

"If this is living Large, then I am happy living small"

Kilby Court July 12 Jonah Matranga w/ R2D2
Glade Soward & Jeremi Hanson

Well the amazing Kilby Court is home to the best shows for 6-15 dollars that the state of Utah can handle.
This is the second time I have seen Jonah at Kilby, last year was a big turning point in my life and Jonah's music, from whichever band he is doing at the moment, has always been there for me. Joey Nix and Drew Tomac accompanied me to the show, Joey and Drew's favorite works of Jonah are New End Original's (NEO) Thriller and Gratitude's s/t.
Jonah is on a trip being the single member of his tour, traveling to places that he loves, playing the music we love from every band he has been in and new songs and any requests the crowd throws out (even to play at a wedding at a future date). I requested that he play Hostage from NEO's Thriller, and i wish i would have requested 14-41 because I love the song and its insanely good lyrics.
There is just something about Jonah's shows that you cannot recreate in any situation (unless you buy the CD/DVD) but you would have had to be at the show to recreate it, and Kilby isn't on this one.
There is so much that i can only think about Jonah, it is hard to get them out into words. All i can say is that i love his work, all of it, and I love talking to him when he is in town and cant wait to do it again in time

look for Jonah's CDs and give them a listen/
One Line Drawing (
New End Original (
Jonah Matranga
I think I saw him in that Fort Minor video, and i forgot to ask)

click the image below to go to the merch shop

Jonah also sells CDs from musicians that he likes. So check out The Annuals or Band of Annuals.
and if he ever gets any of Glade's work check that out.

Wild Like Children

Kilby Court

July 14 2006
Tilly and the Wall
Now it's overhead
Seve VS Evan

So i have never been so happy to just stand outside of Kilby Court and dance. Erica aka Stabby Von Killerstein, Corbin (my little bro [almost 12]) are all just chilling outside the doors because we arrived a little behind schedule, but once we arrived we knew that our bodies were going to be doused in sweat by the end of the night.
Seve vs Evan are a local Synth Keys & Percussion with a large following. These two boys make little red riding hood better then ever before with their version called Little Red and Wolfie B. When they play the crowd knows what hand movements and body wiggles to do and the shout and hollar at anything that makes them wiggle and groove
Now it's Overhead is a Saddle Creek Records band that i do not feel get enough recognition or play compared to many of the other bands on the label. I fell in love with them when i was sitting in my friends living room watching a Paste Magazine DVD and right after watching the music video for Azure Ray I noticed that there was a Now it's Overhead music video. I put it on and just listened in amazement. The same thing happened at the show, I just sat there in amazement.
Sometime before Tilly and the Wall set up i ran in to a friend from my first year at the U of U, Kelsey Stark, a good looking brunette from Park City that I got to know pretty well in the first few weeks of school and then we sorta separated and went out own ways for a while. But i sat and talked to her for 20 mins and i felt relieved that i could even do that after what had happened last year.
As always Tilly and the Wall does what they can to make the show as hot as they can while making everyone move on the dance floor. I have only missed a few performances by T&tW when they were much smaller in the way of crowds. While I was working at M-E Style with Miriam Tanner I made the comment "You don't know who Tilly and the Wall is?!" although i at the time didn't really recognize who they were i knew a bit about them. I became a running joke and now i try never to miss a show.
You can meet some of the most beautiful girls while at this show. I met a girl named Angela Renee a friend of Stabby, neither Stabby or Angela could stay at the sold out before we could get in show, but corbin and i waited it out just to get in or we would have spent the night dancing outside to the tunes coming through the wall
I await another night that everyone can be wild like children

Panic! at the "Sweatbox"

Panic! at the Disco

the Dresden Dolls
the Hush Sound
Monday July 24
In The Venue / Bricks

I dont even know why I showered. Once I walked in my body began to pour with sweat. I arrived to late for the opening band, the Hush Sound, but it seems that show had started before doors had been scheduled. I was going to meet Chase and Ally somewhere inside. Ally had called me and over the loud crowd i heard something like "we .. in the front... ." So I swam my way thru the sweat oozing pre-pubecent youth and various others before the Dresden Dolls began their set.

Now I am stuck in the middle of the lake of youth and salty water, the sun was still beating down on everyone, In The Venue has a roof that is detachable, so here i am in the middle of all this sweat and youth and the band isnt even playing. the crowd sways and rolls like waves on a sea , a sea of salty youth.

Pete Yorn is a Vampire

Pete yorn
"the You and Me" tour
Thursday July 27th
In The Venue / Bricks

If you don't know Pete Yorn you probably wont notice his music, but even many people I know that know Yorn cant really hum a few bars of his music to even help. But that all changed in my head when he came and played the corner stage at Bricks.
I had been listening to 101.9 The End all week trying to win tickets to the show and the exclusive Live End Zone recording at the radio station. All atempts to win were utter failures until the day of the concert while I was driving to work I called in and the phone rang, and it rang ... And then an answer! "You are caller number 3" says Biff Raff of the End. Oh well I was so excited but i was three off. Then i look over at Garland, my uncle, and he is on the phone too. "Hi, This is Garland Ledbetter, yeah sure i will hold." the bastard won. Well great.
But it all turned back for the better, I was trying to win the tickets, but not for myself but for Ally Gregory, she asked me a few weeks before and i told her i had no money, which is true to this day, but my uncle offered to buy me tickets so that Ally and I could go to dinner and to the show with he and my aunt Brandy.
While seeing Pete Yorn was on the list of cool things to do on a Thursday night i was even more excited to see 2 pairs of hands in the front waving and swirling around and dancing like the bodily counterparts. It was the pair of Angela's that danced with me and Stabby at Kilby, when together we call them Angela^2 (Squared). From where I was I could watch them dance and then i looked to the mirrored wall and i could see the beauty of the sheer excitement of the two girl that love the music of Pete and were happy to have gotten on the guest list from running in to the band at a in store show at the Bountiful GrayWhale CD store.
I cannot wait the release of Pete's new album Night Crawler which was recorded mostly the afternoon evening and night hours about the people that are around in the night and evening.
I am one of those people, i am a night crawler.

A Magical Evening

Harry and the potters
Draco and the malfoys
Drew Danburry

The Church of Awesome

Circa Survive
The Receiving end of sirens
Portugal the Man
When Frequencies Collapse (in the crowd)

A choice well made

Wednesday August 16 Kilby Court
Jessica Something Jewish
Ok Ikumi

So although these pictures are from last year they show what i was watching although James Glines has much longer hair now.
This is the first time i have seen Jessica Something Jewish since last year. Both time the shows have been very interesting. Last year the show was
. This year ever band was very electronic which made for a very dancy night.
When I arrived Trevor Hadley (Band of Annuals, The Lionelle, Alpha Brown) Matt ((I think) from Airliner), Tate (the Lionelle) and James Glines (JSJ).

It was a small show, family members of OK Ikumi and JSJ came to watch as well as many friends of the bands, Severin (Seve vs Evan) came to watch . Seve tried to talk a beautiful girl in to painting a picture of him riding side saddle naked on a dolphin. I have never laughed so hard at random conversation.

After the show I was riding UTA Trax and looking at the insert as I noticed in the thank you section that James had thanked me which is a honor in all rights. This is the second honor bestowed upon me from James, since last year he has used my picture on his website and while he was on tour in Australia my photo(below) was used by the press for many of their releases for show flyers.
I had the chance to go to the Mars Volta and Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Delta Center and I felt the need to not go because what is more important your friends or people you haven't even met yet.
"So lets Dance! Dance! Dance dance!"


Colin Roe Ledbetter

It is Brinton Jones' birthday!

Brothers & Sisters
Band of Annuals
Palomino + Marcus Bentley
Chaz Prymek
Kilby Court
August 19 2006

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Rocky Balboa

I had a hard time not jumping up because I was so excited during the movie. I fell in love with the name Punchy.
If I didn't make it home before midnight, I would turn into a pumpkin.
Luckily I made it back in time.

The fight scenes in the movie were great. Times have changed so much since the first Rocky. It was great.
But why is he always fighting the black man.

I decided that I would ruin movies like Balboa if I was in charge of it. I would have had him punch a few characters but it would have been a - pause- awkward- PUNCH- like those quick things that family guy does.

Laura Rowlett said that she has been waiting for a movie about black men in speedo's. "Pride" looks really good.

I am sitting at the Coffee Garden @ 9th & 9th.
and this is what a group of artist next to me are saying:
"[pinholecameras] 30 pictures with no content.... I would rather look at pictures of your naked girlfriend... which there seems to be less of..."

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Nikon D50 an Update

I borrowed the schools Nikon D50 because I, do not have a Digital camera.

The reason I borrowed it was for a shoot I am doing with Utah Rhythm and Dance. URAD wants new pictures for their website and last year I had shot some pictures for the Daily Utah Chronicle.

This will be my first paid shoot since i quit going to the UDC, I left because shooting for the paper is not my favorite way to go take pictures. I like to experiment with digital and you cant really do that on a timely news worthy picture.

so I found the slow shutter speed setting because the pictures are different. and here is what we have done.

Thayne (left)[image 1] said he would pay me to do a shoot with our friend Nora, who I have always though would be fun to do a series of photos, but that shall wait til January.

PS. Chase Wilxcore and S.Chris Vincent went to see "Fur : an imaginary portrait of Diane Arbus" and it was quite a good film. Her pictures were introduced to me from my friend and colleague Ashley Hutchins. She and are going to be the photographers for Chad V Bailey and Jonna McNeil's Wedding in February

Have a good look. tell me what you think

Monday, December 18, 2006

Freeway Spinout

Chase Wilker and I were driving down I-15 on Sunday afternoon at about 5:30 and the roads were OK and the snow was still falling. We were in the car pool lane for about 5 minutes from 90th south and three car that were in front of us were going about 20 miles per hour. and this is how the story goes.
"Chase just pass those fuckers, why the hell are they going so slow? The roads aren't that bad."
"OK" says Chase
Chase speeds up exits the HOV (carpool) Lane and we hear this noise.
"Chase what the hell is that noise!?"
"I don't know" He looks at his dashboard and sees that we are red lining. "Fuck"
Then the car starts fish tailing
"Fucking hell!" said Chase " There go the adventures of Colin and Chase"
We start spinning across traffic toward the out side retaining wall
"Well I guess the roads are that bad" I said
"This is going to be bad."
"No its not"
We crash into the retaining wall now facing oncoming traffic
"see we are fine"
Luckily there was a ton of snow on the wall or we would have destroyed chases side of the car.

we sat there for a bit

"OK chase just put it in park and lets sit here a while."
"hahaha" We laughed a bit.

Then we turned the car around on the freeway and drove the rest of the way to Salt Lake.

"I just wish we could have kept spinning forever" I said
"Yeah all the way to Ben's and up the hill."

But we are safe. And we are so better than Tokyo Drift

Thursday, December 14, 2006

A very Palomino christmas...

December 11th 2006 is a night that showed Colby Seegmiller and I that we are part of something huge. There are a group of local musicians that are writing a history of the Alt-Country / Folk scene. There is just something about the musician in Utah that gets my emotions going and I look back and smile uncontrollably. The night almost left me in tears of joy.

Colby and I are just glad to know that we are friends with this collection of amazing people.

but then again I have always been grateful of every thing I have been a part of because I understand and acknowledge the people that are going somewhere. And I myself hope to join them in the long list of names.

(to be named at a later time)

Tuesday, December 05, 2006


They call this finals week.
I call it "I wish everything wasn't due on the same date"
I have a 1000 word paper due, also 4 papers and their drafts in a portfolio.
I have a Kapital 5 test in Deutch'
I have a 3 photographs in a series mounted but I still need to shoot the pictures and develop the film and all.

I did a polarization of Fiona Apple and a print of Fiona Apple from when she played at the Huntsman Center on the U of U campus.

I am way excited for the next year

Monday, December 04, 2006

I tried to make a college student out of you...

I can't even tell you how happy I am right now. Three days and counting. Then my third semester of school will be finished. This has been the best semester so far.

I am closer to what I want to do and I am almost completely done with my general.

I am (at the moment) a pre art major. But I am going to be a Photography major, i just have to work though this first year studio. The studio year is a Pre-Req but i made it around it at the moment. I am taking Photo studio II, Art History, and German 1020. And if every thing works out I will be going to Kiel, Germany for a while in the summer.

During the Christmas break I will be house sitting for my father and step-mother (but I hate the word step) while they go visit her unhealthy father in the Czech Republic.

I also found a cheap place at the 851 Riviera. More or less all of my friends have lived her at one point.

I have also met a new girl. I know it seems like I say this every week. (or every day if you are around me enough) But I think that she might be interested in me, most of the girls this semester seemed to have other things on their mind.

It is 19 degrees outside and I don't think it is going to get over 30 today.

Oh... and for Christmas I want every camera off of lomography.
I wish

I read Bukowski's Factotum and gave it to Steve to read. He is liking it. Austin is having a kid in a month. Holy shit, and Steve split with Allison so I don't know how much I will see K-ris. Joey finished the color in his tat. it looks great. and yesterday was Mike Wallace's 20th Birthday one he never saw.

lets end on a good note. I have a new long board that i am going to be working on over the break it was my biggest birthday gift. and it is going to be great to ride. it is 4.5 feet or so.

And I am drawing my tattoo idea. so once I leave the country or when I cant donate blood for a while I will get them