Saturday, November 04, 2006

K-I-C-K--A-S-S. thats the was to spell success.

the Matthew Good Band said it best.

I have chosen a path in which I can spell kick-ass.
Colin Roe Ledbetter (thats me) is now a Photography Major at the University of Utah.
I give it a year and a half till I am stable in finances, and hopefully before 201o I graduate.
check out these cool new photos

(all photos by Colin Roe Ledbetter / No digital editing. just changed a few into digital images...)
[1] Matthew Lawler @ the 851
[2] Fiona Apple Equip. @ Huntsman Center
[3] Single Female @ Redfest 2006
[4] Couples @ Redfest 2006
[5] Time and Money @ Gallivan Plaza
[6] Colin Ledbetter @ Gallivan Bridge

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Anonymous said...

i'm so excited for you.