Friday, September 01, 2006

The Life Of My Camera

The Olympus OM-10 Quartz () that uncle Stu gave me, which he used when he was on his LDS mission in Greenland, has passed away. (1979-2006)
I have had the camera coming on a year and I have never really liked the 50mm lens that had been on it since Stu bought it, because of the lens I have only taken two rolls of film with in in a year. Recently I have been looking for different lenses and different types of film and filters and formats of cameras.
But before the second roll of film could even be developed the shutter broke and I have to buy a "new" camera. I will keep the 50mm lens, but I am buying the wide angle lens attachment.
So that is the life of the om10 quartz.
While this news is all sad and what not, Emma Cooper and I ran around Salt Lake City and took pictures on the library and in a ivy covered area that we found. I will get some of those up here soon.
Now begins the life of my OM2s-program and the fish eye lens
I am going to try and use the film I had in the other camera to shoot and test this new camera.. So in a day or so i will have those.


r.johanna said...

dahling, buy a nikon... they are just better!

emma said...

now dont touch the mirror love
that is ever so tragic though
let me borrow the fisheye adaptor caus eyou love me so.