Saturday, September 16, 2006

Dostoevsky and Oake

literature and life have come full circle.

For the first time in my life i have found where literature fits in. Tim Kasher (cursive, the good life) from what I read is into Fante, Bukowksi, and Dostoevsky. He mentions their works in his works. After reading that he liked these authors I felt compelled to find the books that he has read to better understand the music. As I was searching for some Bukowski I recognized that the movie Factotum was at the Broadway Cinema Centre. At once I felt the need to go see it. I asked Sarah Ann Martin that is very literate if she would like to meet me for a little Bukowski and she agreed we should.
The movie and time we spent together was quite memorable. She is a very beautiful art student that made the Band of Annuals v-neck shirts-- which possibly is my favorite shirt. After we went to coffee at the Salt Lake Roasting Co., a two level coffee shop that is not the most scene coffee shop in town but it is one of the most comfortable, and we sat there for a few hours and chatted about various things like most people do.
that night I went to sleep at Ally's but my body thought to do the contrary. I was awake all night. It wasn't a comfortable awake, my body was tired but my mind was on over drive. I lied down five times just trying to force myself to sleep but opted to go into the other room and read the Brothers Karamazov by Dostoevsky (the picture above) . This book is amazing. I think i might now take Russian and maybe minor in it.
I never fell asleep I just seemed to loose consciousness for ten minutes in the morning before i dressed and got an early start for school.
Gallery Stroll was planed for that night; The rain wasn't. I had gone home and changed after school, grabbed an umbrella and hopped a trax train to downtown SLC. The gloom was everywhere. The gray sky set the mood for the night. I felt stuck, singled out. I walked down dark, wet streets. I still had the Bros. K in my pocket so that when i found a dry place to sit that i could begin reading if there was nothing else to do.
I walked for 4 hours, in the rain and dark. Yeah i was looking at art but i still had so much on my mind from the night before. That girl had set something off inside me. I felt the need to return to the last place we were to maybe recollect my thoughts.
Back down the rain swept street. The lights of street lamps reflected green, yellow, red. I had $1.12 in my pocket from the night before. That was 2 cents more than i needed to get a cup of coffee. I sat down. I felt something wet hit my face. The rain! I hadn't escaped it. So I shifted to the other side of the table. This is how I met Oake. Oake is a man with quite a resemblance to Dostoevsky. We sat in the chair and discussed our separate lives and the similarities between he and I; how he had found the first person he could remember he felt he could live with forever.
[to my self i said i could spend forever with that girl. She is smart, artistic, well versed in books.] But how could i tell i had only spent a movie and a tea/ 2 coffees with this girl.
at this point we getting into some very depressing subjects. I think that happens quite often in conversation. You seem to flow toward the bad side of the river of knowledge and dwell there in the slower thought water.
hark!.... Behind Oake i see something that i have needed to see all day. It was her. It was she... Oake sees my face and decides to take a smoke break in the rain while i go and speak to her. But in the end i feel it fruitless because now i see her and she doesn't look the same at me as she did before. I must have been to excited.
The end of the night comes and i wish Oake a safe trip home. We part. I wish her a safe trip home and that i see her soon, hug her. We part.
I didn't sleep again.
I have now experienced a book, a movie, a music performance of both book and movie is a sense. And lived out my own book and read from the book of knowledge of an older man.
Things are coming more into place for me. Yes they are....

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