Wednesday, August 02, 2006

August is my favorite month for many reasons

2003- Colin Roe Ledbetter goes vegetarian and begins his Junior year in High School @ Tooele High. This was partially inspired by Colin's Girlfriend at the time Carrie Ann Mallon

2004- Senior year in high school, Colin joins a sports team for the first time in H.S. and as it turns out he should have joined his freshman year. Cross Country was the only sport Colin liked in H.S. because he is the only one he is racing for, although they are a team, it is more about the individual. (one reason he loved to Mountain bike) Many thanks go to the 2 girls that inspired him to join the summer and school year before. Erin Christiansen and Abree Mattinson

2005- Colin Roe Ledbetter is asked to house sit for his father and partner, Cordell Taylor & Lenka Konopasek, for a month while watching Maurice(black lab) and Spot(manx tabby) in the neighborhood of 9th & 9th in Salt Lake City while his father and spouse go to the Czech Republic. Because of the wonderful influence of one Katie Patterson bringing Colin Back to the root of the idea of why he started with vegetarianism, Colin becomes a Vegan. The latter week in August, Colin begins his Freshman year at the University of Utah.

2006- A Year has now passed. I have been thinking of all the amazing things that happened in the last year and in just last August. All the amazing people that I met in a span of a year and how I am ready to met dozens more and learn more about how people are and what inspires them.
The Band of Annuals
Jessica Something Jewish
Taught Me
Brinton Jones and those I have met of Palomino
Glade Soward
Jason Taylor and Sam
anyone else that partied at Trevor and Chelsea's Bridge apartment.
Katie Patterson
Mike Garcia
Chris the vegan that once worked at HotGothic
Being Re-introduced to Kim Scott
Jill Howard
Kelsey King
Kelsey Stark
Hannah Epperson
Becky Johnson (we held hands once three years before at a Ben Kweller concert)
Kaitlin Nordloh, For what it was worth we had a good time. Then it went sour without explanation.
Colby Jon Seegmiller, Colby is my brother, my soul brother.
Chae Allen Humphries my only black male friend.
Dana Klanderud for taking me out on my birthday and always being someone cool to everyone
Keely Coxon, from the first time I was in a room with you I knew that we had to be friends
Courtney R.
Lauren Mumford and Amy Sudzinski
Amanda Salazar for being hiphopalishious
Everyone that i love from the WHEN FREQUENCIES COLLAPSE clan
Brittany Everett & Josh Dautrich for making class ohsobetter
Jamie Long for being that mysterious girl that came to be that girl that isn't mysterious at all and i wish you weren't so busy.
Lauren Mack. You were cute, and then you called me a freak. That made you less cute.
Chase WilxCore, dude, you are the dude. (the ladies just haven't noticed)
Harth Gissel you made your friends help me move because you offered them girls that didn't exist. That is true friendship
The Mechams, Lauren & Amanda! If only if only!
Jess Nuff i think we need to cuddle on the lovesac, Emily M i liked those hugs, Clayton you my friend are amazing and even more so in the year to come.
Lennie M., Josh, Steve Gerke and all other cool Utah Daily Chronicle people
Ms. Alexandra Gregory. Where would i be now?
Jackie Shelton, A legend and a saint, and a vegan!
Owen Carroll
Jessica Dunn, I made you a sandwich once and then i couldn't get you out of my head well not your face any way because i remebered it.
Jenna Klarberg and Rachel
Laura Williams, whenever we spoke I felt something great in you and i always had a good time but those moments and feelings will be cherished.
Intense Jeff Ortiz
Dane and the Deathmachine and everyone that comes in a DDM package
Jill Kidd. We only spoke a few time but ... That's all we have
Michelle and Amanda for dying my hair madness
Rachel Meyers and Jill P, I had no other reason to go to yoga. Except for the amazing music
Tiffany, Gina, Susanne, Margret random but just right.
Brady Haw and Alex W., Mark From mountain Biking
Every Professor I have had (not C.C.) any authority that i have ran into that has pointed me in the right direction.
Rachel J John. We spent the most amazing two weeks together, and since then have been best friends, never ever think i dont think about you. who else is going to help me with my life. you have helped me with all my troubles and i know you always will
Emma Cooper. You shouldn't be so far down the list but you save the best for last.

Really I met so many people it is hard to remember them all in one sitting.
But you all are remebered and loved


emma said...

hey thats me right there at the end

r.johanna said...

i miss you

thanks for adding me to this list
maybe you just did because i bitched about it
but its beautiful anyway