Wednesday, June 07, 2006

It is just like Sailing

I have come up with the same sort of nautical reference when I speak about life. There are many ships that may sail: Aquaintence, Friend, Relation. Some times these ship can't go from port to port. Sometimes there are Pirates afoot and they commendeer said ship. Now if these pirates stole the booty that came with the ship than you might damn well be mad.

(I would like to say that many ships come into port. but only the right ship can stay in port. there might be your first mate, or even soulmate on this ship. But these mates might be pirates also and steal your heart.)

So keep watch of your booty, you might just find an island in which you ship can dock and keep docked for life instead of burying your booty on different uncharted islands.

I am glad that our ship has been sailing for a long time. we have many in our crew: co-captains every one of us.

Sir Colin Roe VonLedbetter

Steven Taylor said
"Friendship....Friend-Ship....get it?

A friendship is nothing more than a connection with a person that involves you both on the same ride.

When the friendship ends, that ride is over. Like a good vacation, you wont forget, and you have the pictures to remind you.

You wish that you can go on that trip again, but even if you did it would be completely different, even if it was the same.

So lets take down our sails, and go our separate ways.

I wont ever forget you, and I will always love you

But our ship is torn, battered, and sinking fast.

I tried to repair it, tried to mend the wounds that seemed to be filling you up

But you wouldnt accept any help, to stubborn to accept my offering for supplies

So now you are on your own, and I hope the winds blow you to bay

But I cant stay on this ride any longer, and I see this ship sinking fast.

Maybe one day you we can sail again....I really hope so....and I will always love you.

I guess im off..."

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emma said...

today was pirate day or something
all these kids in this one mayh class dressed up like pirates

life is like sailing
my boat sunk once..